Reactive Record

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Communicate with JSON APIs in React.

Welcome to your RESTful API’s fully-built JS SDK. Reactive Record is a small collection of JS tools and React components that help you …

  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Validate

… any type of resource in React. It’s the missing link between your API and React, and the perfect companion to your Ruby on Rails application!

Watch the talk at React Chicago!

🎉 Readable interface

Use syntax simlar to Rails’ ActiveRecord query interface to interact with RESTful endpoints:

> Product.create({ title: "Wooden desk", price: "20.00" })

POST /products 201 Created

🎉 Built for JSX

Use the query interface via JSX with included components:

import ReactiveRecord, { Member } from "reactiverecord"
const Product = ReactiveRecord.model("Product")

return (
  <Member for={Product} find={}>
    {product => <h1>{product.title}</h1>}

GET /products/24 200 OK


Welcome to the documentation!

Woohoo! Reactive Record is finally getting some crispy new documentation. It’s about time!