fieldsFor(attributes_name, unique_identifier, resource)

Argument Type Description Required
attributes_name String Use either the pluralized or singularized model name with underscores and an _attributes suffix in order for ReactiveRecord to find the correct model. For a post resource that has many tag resources, you would write the pluralized 'tags_attribues'. For a apartment resource that belongs to a building resource, you would write the singular 'building_attributes'. Yes
unique_identifier Any The unique identifier behaves a lot like React’s pattern for key. It needs to be a unique identifier that is the same between each render. For persisted resources, use the ID or primary key attribute. For non-persisted resources, use any unique identifier such as Math.random(), so long as it is consistent between renders. Yes
resource Instance of Model Use an existing or new instance of the nested resource. For a new tag resource, use new Tag(). Yes
Returns Description
ƒ() Render function with a new fields object for the nested resource